Native Plant Propagation

Seed Collecting:

2019 Workshop Handout from Hope Leeson (Rhody Native)

Collecting and Using Your Own Wildflower Seed

Gathering Seeds

Seed Propagation:

Mountain Laurel (Connecticut) Chapter of Wild Ones Video: Starting Native Perennials from Seed

Prairie Moon Nursery: Starting From Seed

Wild Seed Project: Wild Seed Project protocol

Wild Seed Project: Autumn and Winter Seed Sowing in 6 Easy Steps with Heather McCargo

Woody Seed Manual, USDA FS Agriculture Handbook 727, April 2008

Yale Peabody Museum: Milk Jug Wildflower Propagation

Vegetative Propagation:

Softwood cuttings video tutorial (Arnold Arboretum, 2020)

Connecticut College Arboretum’s Softwood Cutting Workshop handout with Maggie Redfern, 2021

Hartmann and Kester’s Plant Propagation Principles and Practices – Ninth Ed., 2018, by Davies, Geneve & Wilson

Native Plant Network’s Plant Propagation Protocol Website

Native Trees, Shrubs, & Vines: A Guide to Using, Growing, and Propagating North American Woody Plants – June 2002, by William Cullina

The New England Wild Flower Society Guide to Growing and Propagating Wildflowers of the United States and Canada (Hardcover – April 15, 2000), by William Cullina (Out of print, but used copies can sometimes be found or borrowed from a library)

The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation : From Seed to Tissue Culture : A Practical Working Guide to the Propagation of Over 1100 species, Varieties, and Cultivars
by Dirr, Michael

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